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About Us

We started Cross Border Medical Tourism because we were frustrated with the limitations of treatment options.  My father, Sam Sr. had his first bypass surgery when I was 18 years old.  When I was 28 he had his second bypass surgery.  Shortly after my dad was diagnosed as a no-option heart patient.  I discussed my frustrations with Dan Montano of Zhittya Genisis Medicine.  Dan was a long-time business partner and friend of my dad Sam Sr.   Dan set out to find a way to help my dad and find other options.  Dan read an article about a doctor in Germany who was using FGF-1 to treat heart patients.   Dan went to Germany met with the doctor and acquired the rights to the treatment.  They were in the process of getting FDA approval when we lost my dad.  It was so hard knowing there were treatments that may have helped that were not available to him.  


Over the last few years my little brother was suffering from many health issues.  He was on the liver transplant list.  As he got closer to receiving an organ there was a lot of testing that he went through.  They found a blockage in his heart.  He went in to receive a stint and ended up having bypass surgery.  That evening he had a blood clot that caused a stroke.  He suffered for another year and a half before we lost him.  We were hopeful that Dan would find a way to provide a treatment that may have helped him recover from the stroke, but time was not on our side.


We are very excited to partner with Zhittya Genesis Medicine to help people travel to other parts of the world to receive life-saving treatments that are not available in their home countries.  We plan to continue to add new clinics around the world and additional treatments.

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